Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hey, Y'all! Well, I can now say I've done a show at Zapp Hall Antiques Show and it was nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!
Being the storyteller I am, I like to come up with a story for every show we set up at. For Zapp, I imagined an old forgotten garden shed full of decades of interesting items--Victorian whimsies to white chippy tables and chairs. I even began a secret Pinterest board to collect images of what I had in mind. Finally, the day came to load up for this most important antiques show. I felt as nervous as a kid on the first day of school, but as we unloaded and began to fill our booth the jitters went away and the story unfolded. 

Opening day was a swirl of customers, new friends, and lots of stuff going out the door. A lovely California couple purchased this pink screen door and 

white columns to use in their booth at Remnants of the Past Vintage Show. A nice man purchased our old bicycle because he had one similar to it as a kid. Great stories for this storyteller

This awesome lady went home with Lori of Timeless Menagerie in Fredericksburg. 

What I kept hearing from customers was how enchanting and magical Zapp Hall looked. It was true! Wisps of muslin draped from the rafters and accented with thousands of lights looked like a Texas star filled night. 
Incredible finds and abundant inspiration seeped through the entire building from Maggie's space

to Deb and Cat Daddy's

 to Joel's

to Steven and Eileen's 
and Chuck, Vida, and Cathy's 

and all points in between--

And this was just inside Zapp Hall. Of course, there were bountiful treasures all over at Zapp Hall Antiques Show and beyond! 

A GIGANTIC THANKS to everyone who came out and especially to friends who stopped by our booth to visit. 

I'll be taking a break from doing vintage markets until JUNK HIPPY Roadshow at Round Top in July. However, I'll be keeping our GARDEN CAT booth at Hermann Antique Mall in Brenham, TX filled with fresh finds and pretties. 

In addition, I'll be preparing our home for a month of celebrations in May as our kids have BIG birthdays coming up, as well as PROM and GRADUATION for our SWEET GIRL.  
Until next time,
Peace, love, and all 
the good stuff, sweet friends. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hey, Y'all! 
Dorothy had her YELLOW brick road, but JUNKERS have Highway 237!
It's only a few days until Texas Antiques Week --which is really several WEEKS along Highway 237 in the little towns of Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, Shelby, and Fayetteville and all points in between! My first journey to Round Top, TX during Texas Antiques Week was six years ago. It was one of those magical life-changing days. 
As I saw the Houston burbs in my rear-view and the open blacktop ahead, I knew something marvelous was waiting in those cow pastures just over the hills and around the curves.  It didn't hurt that I was driving my husband's 

convertible Mustang with the top down, of course! Just me, some road tunes, and the promise of shopping with good friends. It truly felt like a Disney moment come to life...butterflies fluttering along the roadside among fields full of bluebonnets and century old live oaks.

Worries, burdens, and concerns lifted from my shoulders the closer I got to Highway 237 or what I like to call "blacktop to Junkin' Bliss!" 

I attended Marburger Farm Antique Show, The Original Red Barn Antique Show at Round Top and my favorite, 

I left with a full shopping cart and a happy heart. It's a wonderful memory that has never left me. 
With our children still in school and a new job in Seattle, it was a few years before I found myself on Highway 237 again. Sweet girl and I journeyed from Seattle on Spring Break in 2011--I was so excited to attend Garden Antqs Vintage's

Blog Party and to meet so many other like-minded JuNkErs, DrEaMeRs, and kindred spirits.

My only disappointment was that eventually, I had to return to domestic goddessing duties a.k.a. mom taxi.
The following year I found myself planning an entire month in Texas to promote my novel, First Monday Murder A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery.

Garden Antqs Vintage was kind enough to invite me to do a book signing at her blog party. I was beyond thrilled! 

I knew I was HOOKED on this magical journey along Highway 237 to the cow pastures turned into mile after mile of booths full of fabulous JUNK in every form as well as some fine antiquesmarvelous artoutstanding EATS--and the most incredible people! 
We moved back to Texas in 2012 and now live only an hour away from Highway 237...and yes, I often find myself slipping away from the burbs to the wide open blacktops leading to these tiny German and Czech communities just for the sheer enjoyment of the landscape, the people, and the shops now open year round--it's a great ROAD TRIP!

Last September I was fortunate enough to help Sisters Treasures with their booth at Zapp Hall Antique Show

I enjoyed it so much I knew I'd love the opportunity to be a vendor too. By some miracle it is going to happen..ANOTHER dream come true...I'm going to be a vendor at Zapp Hall Antiques Show!
This show has always been my first and last stop during Antiques Week and I'm beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to be there with Garden Cat Vintage goodies and a fresh stack of First Monday Murder A Jimmie Rae Flea Market Mystery books to sign--the next adventure, Vintage Murder will launch later this spring.  
Texas Antiques Week begins as early as March 17 with many shows officially beginning March 28 through April 5. 
Garden Antqs Vintage is hosting her fabulous BLOG PARTY at The Rendezvous March 28 at 6 p.m. 

 Until next time, sweet friends--
Peace, love, and 
all the good stuff, y'all!